Friday, August 8, 2014

What to do with Flat (No Longer Gassy/Carbonated) Coca-Cola?

Remember my last post promising a solution for flat undrinkable Coca-Cola?

Well...... there are a few solutions:
1) Use it as an ingredient for baking/cooking.  A ton of recipes here.
2) Recarbonate the flat soda and drink it?! Yes, really. YOU CAN RECARBONATE IT!!! ( You can even make your own soda.  I'll share a post about it soon.)  Meantime, read this to find out how.
3) Recarbonate the flat soda and use as a science aid............ for the infamous Coke-Mentos experiment!

And that my friends is exactly what I did with the leftover flat Coca-Cola - the infamous Coke-Mentos experiment!

First of all, I added some flat Tesco Choice Sarsi (it was only RM 0.40 so how can I not buy it?).  Then I added about 1/4 tsp of yeast into the bottle and left it to 'ferment' for 2 days.

Even without adding the Mentos, it was already bubbling.

Okay, on to the experiment.
Hubby getting ready to drop the Mentos in

In the Mentos goes

Wow! Violent reaction!

Even more violent reaction!

Fizzling off now.  End of a successful experiment
It was rather fun to actually do the experiment by ourselves.  We have watched many videos on this experiment but never did it ourselves.  Maybe next time I'll just make some homemade soda water and try this experiment again instead of waiting to use flat sodas!!!  I wonder whether it works?

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